Séminaire IPGS 9.9.2011

Événement passé
9 septembre 2011
Amphi Rothé, 5 rue Descartes

AU: Volker Klemann (E, DG)
TI: Advanced modelling of glacial isostatic adjustment: deviations from spherical symmetry in mantle material

General modelling of GIA aims at correcting geodetic observables and is based on well established glaciation history/earth model combinations like ICE5G/VM2. This quite successful model combination is used in a variety of applications dealing with surface processes like coupling to climatological investigations and only marginally improved over the last years. This is mainly due to the fact that one main simplification of this model is the assumption of a laterally homogeneous earth structure. Therefore, its relation to structural features of the solid earth is only marginal. In this talk, I will discuss some consequences for GIA modelling, if lateral variations in earth structure are considered.