Yann Ziegler

PhD in Geophysics (PhD Thesis: January 2013 – June 2016)

PhD Thesis advisors: Yves ROGISTER, Jacques HINDERER

Modélisation de la rotation de la Terre et analyse conjointe des données du mouvement du pôle et de gravimétrie

Modeling of the Earth rotation and joint analysis of polar motion and gravity data

Research interests

Global dynamics

  • Earth rotation (Chandler wobble, ...)
  • Mantle rheology, quality factors
  • Gravimetry

My PhD is at the intersection of gravimetry, geophysics and astronomy. My work consists in the analysis of polar motion data from the IERS and gravity data from the GGP network to study the effect of anelastic dissipation at the Chandler wobble frequency, through the computation of the gravimetric factor. Moreover, I make analytical computations and numerical modeling to study the effect of different rheological models of the Earth's mantle on the Chandler wobble attenuation. In addition, I study the variation of the ratio between gravity variation and displacement at intermediate frequencies in order to characterize the transition between elastic and visco-elastic regimes.

Active deformation

  • Strain rate computation from GPS data


21.06.2016 - PhD defense done! I just entered the world of Jedi (JEune Docteur Ingénieur).

15.02.2016 - Publication: Ziegler, Y., Hinderer, J., Rogister, Y., Rosat, S., 2016. Estimation of the gravimetric pole tide by stacking long time series of GGP superconducting gravimeters. Geophys. J. Int. doi: 10.1093/gji/ggw007

22.06-02.07.2015 - IUGG 2015 General Assembly: Abstract 1 (Poster), Abstract 2

25-28.06.2015 - EOST is at Mineral & Gem again with the Gé-P-To association

21.11.2014 - Congrès des doctorants

26-29.06.2014 - Join EOST at the Mineral & Gem International Exposition at Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines

27.04-02.05.2014 - EGU General Assembly (poster session by F. Masson): Abstract, Poster

01.2014 - Publication: Masson, F., Lehujeur, M., Ziegler, Y., Doubre, C., 2014. Strain rate tensor in Iran from a new GPS velocity field. Geophys. J. Int. doi: 10.1093/gji/ggt509

9-13.12.2013 - AGU Fall Meeting: Abstract, Poster

27.11.2013 - Congrès des doctorants (see AGU poster above)