Vice-Président of the European Center of Geodynamics and Seismology (E.C.G.S., Luxembourg).

Membre of the Working Group of the International Lithosphere Program on "Great Earthquakes of the Late Holocene" (Contemporary Dynamics and Deep Processes), and II-5 “Earthquake Recurrence Model”.

Membre of the "American Geophysical Union" (AGU) and the European Geophysical Union" (EGU),
Co-president of the Working Group on "Geologic records of past earthquakes » of the European Seismological Commission (ESC). Co-president of the Working WG6 sur l’évaluation de l’aléa sismique dans la zone euro-méditerranéenne.

Membre of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal Annals of Geophysics (from 1990 to 2006)
« Citoyen d’honneur - Freeman» of the city of d’El Asnam (Algeria) for the scientific contribution following the 10/10/1980 earthquake (Mw 7.3).

« Merit Award » from the Italian Ministry of the Intérieur for the scientific contribution following the September-October 1997 seismic sequence in the Umbria-Marche.

« Honour Award » from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (5th International Symposium on the Eastern Mediterranean Geology, Greece) for the work on the active and seismogenic faults of the Eastern Mediterranean regions.

« Honour Award » from the Geological Society of Turkey (61st Geological Congress of Turkey, 24-28 March 2008) for the contributions on active tectonic studies in Turkey.