Thermo-hydro-mechanical modelling

Thermo-hydro-mechanical modelling
Master Sciences de la Terre et des planètes, environnementParcours Geosciences for the energy system transition


For geothermal exploitation, thermo-hydraulic transfer in geomaterials (soil or rock) under mechanical solicitation is an important geophysical study topic. The objective of this course is to introduce different numerical methods to simulate thermo-hydraulic transfer of a geothermal system considering mechanical conditions.
This module is devised by 3 parts:

  1. Thermal transfer with finite element method (12H)
  2. Thermo-hydraulic coupling with finite difference method (12H)
  3. Mechanical laoding condition with discrete elements method (12H)

At the end of this course, students will be familiarized with different modeling methods and able to simulate simple thermal-hydro-mechanical problems by using software like MatLab.

Compétences visées

Thermo-hydro-mechanical numerical modeling of geomaterials

Modalités d'organisation et de suivi

  • Teaching mode: 9 x 4 hours in computer classroom
  • Numerical tool : numerical modeling softwares and Matlab