Founded at a time when the Schlumberger brothers were testing the first methods of applied geophysics in Alsace, the school has a long tradition of training engineers, combining solid theoretical teaching with laboratory and field experience, in partnership with the industrial sector. In 1935 its founder, Edmond Rothé, set out the principles to which the EOST remains faithful.

Accreditations and affiliations

  • The EOST Engineering School is authorised by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI) to award the engineering degree of the Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre at the University of Strasbourg (Decree of 16 January 2009 specifying the list of schools authorised to award an engineering degree);
  • The School has been accredited with the EUR-ACE European quality certification by the CTI;
  • The School is a member of the Alliance des Ecoles Françaises en Géosciences (Alliance of French Schools of Geoscience, AEIG);
  • The School is a member of the AlsaceTech network of top engineering, architecture and management universities that brings together 14 schools based in Alsace;
  • The School is a member of the IMT Grand Est.

EOST engineering graduates can expect to work for companies and organisations involved in subsoil investigation and the understanding of geological processes for:

  • the exploration and exploitation of energy resources (energy, water, minerals)
  • the management and control of the geological environment (civil engineering, natural risks, pollution, storage)
  • the understanding and monitoring of the planet (land, ocean, space)

Working in these industries, they implement and develop all the geophysical methods, having mastered the theoretical foundations and experimental and field-based techniques involved. They employ geophysical information processing and modelling methodologies. They understand the problems arising at the different levels of space and time through the complexity of natural environments. They are aware of the considerable economic and societal challenges inherent in the energy, raw materials, water and environmental sectors. They are prepared to practise their future trade in multicultural companies operating around the world.


Students Associations

  • Strasbourg University Geophysical Society :SUGS
  • Bureau des élèves : BDE
  • Alumni : Geophyse
  • The network of grandes écoles of engineering, management and architecture of Alsace : AlsaceTech

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