Diversified recruitment

Through entrance exams:

  • 33 places for students on the MP (Maths, Physics: 12), PC (Physics, Chemistry: 12) and PSI (Physics, Engineering Sciences: 3) and MPI (Maths, Physics, Engineering: 6) foundation courses through the INP Common Entrance Exam
  • 13 places for students on the BCPST (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences) foundation courses through the G2E Entrance Exam

Through applications:

  • In the first year following a Degree in Physics, Mathematics/IT, Earth Sciences or equivalent, a DUT (Undergraduate Technology Degree) in Physical Measures, a BTS (Diploma of Advanced Technician) or ATS (Associate of Technical Studies) foundation (8 first year places for students with 120 or 180 ECTS)
  • In the second year for students with 240 ECTS with a Master’s in Physics, Mathematics/IT, Earth Sciences or equivalent

Download application (pdf)
Must be submitted before 1 June.


If you are a DUT/“licence approfondie” student at the University of Strasbourg, there are transfer options for the engineering school. To find out more, visit the Become an engineer at the University of Strasbourg” web page.

If you are in sixth form, enquire about the possible options for joining the engineering school at the university after the baccalaureate or read the brochure.

The engineering degree can also be accessed via accreditation of prior experiential learning (VAE).