School life

Educational resources

Around thirty faculty members of EOST, many external teachers, lecturers and tutors from industry are involved in the training of Engineering students.

Three computer labs, a library, a practical Geophysics laboratory and rooms for private work as well as relaxation are available to students. A range of geophysical equipment is provided for use during field trips.

The 2nd year research project is conducted in a research laboratory or observatory of EOST. Each Student is monitored individually by a scientist.

Community life

The school has two student associations and an alumni association, Geophyse.
The Student’s Union, Le Bureau Des Élèves (BDE) aims to enhance the student life at the school. The association organizes social activities (Integration weekends, theater, sports activities) and offers discounted group purchases of books and study materials.
The Strasbourg University Geophysical Society (SUGS) is the French section of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. It aims to inform students about the world of Engineering Geophysics to improve their employability. It organizes site visits, field trips and lectures throughout the academic year. It also organises the annual participation of the school in the European Congress EAGE.


University education

Strasbourg University is one of France’s largest universities with 44,000 students, (20% being foreign students), and almost 2,800 lecturers and researchers. (The University has well established connections within the European community.)
The School and Observatory for Earth Sciences, (EOST), is incorporated into the University of Strasbourg and part of the Alsace Tech network of Engineering Schools in Alsace.
The EOST is a major centre for education and training in Geosciences in France, providing courses for the engineering diploma, Bachelors and Masters degree level in Earth and Environmental Sciences, together with 70 doctoral students.

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