School life

School life

The school has computer rooms equipped with geophysics software, a specialised library, a practical geophysics laboratory and a comprehensive collection of geophysical prospection equipment.

EOST students can access the student services at the University of Strasbourg for accommodation, catering, sport and culture.

There is a dedicated service offering support and advice to students with disabilities to enable them to study under the best possible conditions. As such, the Campus Life Service - “Mission Handicap” , along with the school’s disability coordinators, provides students with the necessary assistance and adjustments to enable them to successfully pursue their study and career plans.
You can contact Emmanuelle Wicker, administrative disability coordinator at the Eost. 

There is an association run by the school’s students, the Student Chapter EOST , which aims to promote geophysics in its different fields of application.

They organise student life at the school through the Bureau des Elèves (Students’ Union - BDE). (Link to the Alpha brochure: BDE presentation brochure)

There is a scheme to promote student commitment at the school. (Link to the file: consult the Department of Studies)

Strasbourg and the Grand-Est region constitute a European environment with a particularly wide variety of cultural, sporting and tourist resources.


The University of Strasbourg is committed to fighting all forms of sexist, sexual and homophobic violence.
(Link: Fighting sexist, sexual and homophobic violence)
Educational workshops on consent are organised by the SenRisque association during each Freshers’ Week for first-year students.