E. Altschuler : "Crater formation: The FABULAB project: low-budget experiments in the Solar System"

Past event
25 September 2012
Amphi Rothé, 5 rue Descartes

The FABULAB project: low-budget experiments in the Solar System

E. Altshuler, ?Henri Poincarè? Group of Complex Systems, University of Havana, La Habana, Cuba


We present the conception and instrumentation of a FAlling BUcket LABoratory(FABULAB). The bucket, as part of a 12-meter-long Atwood machine, containsgranular material and an array of inexpensive instruments controlled from groundusing wireless technology. Simple and, above all, FAST experiments in granularmatter can be performed at different acceleration environments into the bucket whileit falls (or rises), eventually resembling the situation in some planets of the solarsystem. Amongst these experiments there is the study of crater formation. In thisseminar, we present some preliminary results on crater formation strongly suggestingthat the granular friction depends on the effective gravity.


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