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Physique des Roches 2A 2018

Bonjour à tous,

The next assignment in physique des roches is a written comment. What to do:

1. You will prepare your comment in the same binômes as for the TP

2. You will, together, write a comment on two papers (see below)

3. The comment should be NO longer than 4 sides of A4 paper (two sheets, recto-verso)

4. The comment should be in English

5. The papers discuss topics that should be familiar to you from the physique des roches course: you should use what you have learnt

6. Good marks will be given for binômes who synthesise the data, critically appraise the two papers, and convey their own opinion on the methods/results/interpretations (you should NOT simply copy what is in the two papers)

7. The comment should be placed in Mike's box on the 2nd floor (rue René Descartes) before 17H00 on the 05/12. If it is late, you will lose 1 mark per day.



The papers are:

[1] Bonnelye, A., Schubnel, A., David, C., Henry, P., Guglielmi, Y., Gout, C., Fauchille, A.L. and Dick, P., 2017. Strength anisotropy of shales deformed under uppermost crustal conditions. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth122(1), 110-129. [download here]

[2] Rybacki, E., Reinicke, A., Meier, T., Makasi, M. and Dresen, G., 2015. What controls the mechanical properties of shale rocks?–Part I: Strength and Young's modulus. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering135, 702-722. [download here]