Natasha Stanton

Post doc


  • Tectonic and magmatic processes at rifted margins
  • Geophysical characterization of continental breakup and seafloor spreading
  • Magnetic modeling


Post-doctoral researcher at Strasbourg University, IPGS, France – “The geophysical fingerprints of hyper-extended domains”. Advisor: Gianreto Manatschal (Strasbourg). Collaborations : Daniel Sauter (Strasbourg) & Marcia Maia (IUEM-Brest)

Post-doctoral researcher at Observatório Nacional, Brazil – “Sub-Salt imaging at Santos Basin from integrated geophysical analysis”.

PhD in Basin Analysis and Mobile Belts – Sandwich program - Rio de Janeiro State University/ UERJ, Brazil  and Institute Universitaire Européen de la Mer (IUEM) and Institute de Physique du Globe (IPGp),  France. Thesis: “Crustal Structure of the Southeastern Brazilian Margin from Magnetic Data and its Tectonic Implications”. Supervisor: Renata Schmitt and Armand Galdeano. 2009.

Master of Geology and Geophysics at Fluminense Federal University (UFF), BR

Degree in Oceanography, Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), Brazil.


- STANTON, N. Manatschal, G.; Sauter, D.; Maia, M.; Autin, J. and Viana, A. Characterization of the domain between Continent and Ocean along the Western Iberia magma-poor rifted margin: a geophysical approach. Basin Research, submitted.


- STANTON, N., Ponte-Neto, C., Masini, E., Bijani, R., Fontes, S., Flexor, J-M. A Geophysical View of the Southeastern Brazilian Margin at Santos Basin. in preparation

- STANTON, N., Schmitt, R. S., Galdeano, A., MAIA, M., Mane, M. 2010. Crustal Structure of the Southeastern Brazilian Margin, Campos Basin, from Aeromagnetic Data: New kinematic constraints. Tectonophysics, v.490, p.15-27, 2010.


- STANTON, N., Schmitt, R. S., Galdeano, A.., MAIA, M., Mesozoic rifting structures between Campos and Santos basins, Cabo Frio, Brazil: magnetic and structural analysis. Rev. Trabajos de Geología, Universidad de Oviedo, 30: 253-260 2010.


- STANTON, N. S. G. MELLO, S. L. M. AND SICHEL, S. E. Morfologia da cordilheira Mesoceânica no Atlântico Sul entre 0o S e 50o S. Brazilian Journal of Geophysics, Vol. 24(2), p. 231-241, 2006.



Additional Information:

Languages spoken: Fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.