Marie Eva Epin

Etudiant en thèse


Sujet / Subject:

Evolution and characteristics of outer highs in rifted margins.

The aim of this PhD is to investigate the tectonic, magmatic and stratigraphic evolution of “Outer Highs” especially during the final rifting stage (hyperextended, exhumation) and lithospheric breakup.

Début et fin de contrat / Beginning and end of the contract:

October 2014 – October 2017

Directeur de these / Supervisor:

Gianreto MANATSCHAL (Université de Strasbourg)
Marc Lescanne  (TOTAL Pau)
Patrick Unternehr (TOTAL Paris)

Mots-clés / Keywords :

hyperextended rift systems, detachment system, basement topography, magma, evaporates, outer highs

Principal investigation:

Field observation in the Alps: Err, Platta, Tasna, Chenaillet

Seismic, drill and geophysics data: Iberia-Newfoundland and other present-day margin