Emmanuel Masini

Chercheur contractuel

Current position
Post-Doc researcher in the MM3 consortium


Post-doc current project
“The tectono-sedimentary evolution of hyper-extended rift sag basins: field investigations and numerical modeling” (Margin Modelling Phase 3 (MM3) consortium). Advisor:Gianreto Manatschal (Strasbourg) and Nick Kusznir (Liverpool)


PhD Thesis (2011)
L’évolution tectono-sédimentaire syn-rift des bassins de marge passive profonde: exemples du bassin de Samedan (Alpes centrales, Suisse) et du bassin de Mauléon (Pyrénées basquesfrançaises). Advisor: Gianreto Manatschal (Strasbourg)

La version pdf du manuscript de thèse est ici: http://scd-theses.u-strasbg.fr/2147/


Research interests

  • Tectono-sedimentary processes related to hyper-extension in rift settings until seafloor spreading
  • Reactivation of rifted margins in orogens
  • Back and forth between field investigations and offshore surveys


E. Masini, G. Manatschal, J. Tugend, G. Mohn, and J-M. Flament. The Mauléon basin (western Pyrenees, France) : a reconstructed section through a hyper-extended rift basin. International Journalof Earth Sciences, Submitted.

E. Masini, G. Manatschal, and G. Mohn. The alpine tethys rifted margins: reconciling old and new ideas to understand the stratigraphic architecture of magma-poor rifted margins. Sedimentology, accepted.

E. Masini, G. Manatschal, and G. Mohn. Anatomy and tectono-sedimentary evolution of a rift-related detachment system: the example of the err detachment (central alps, se switzerland). Geological Society of America Bulletin, 124(9-10):1535–1551, 2012.

G. Manatschal, D. Sauter, A.M. Karpoff, E. Masini, G. Mohn, and Y. Lagabrielle. The chenaillet ophiolite in the french/italianalps : an ancient analogue for an oceanic core complex ? Lithos, 124(3-4) :169–184, 2011.

E. Masini, G. Mohn, G. Manatschal, J-F. Ghienne, and F. Lafont. The tectono-sedimentary evolution of deep-water magma-poor rifted-margins : the example of the zone of Samedan preserved in the Errnappe in SE-Switzerland. Basin Research, 23 :652–677, 2011b. doi :10.1111/j.1365-2117.2011.00509.x.

G. Mohn, G. Manatschal, O. Müntener, M. Beltrando, and E. Masini. Unravelling the interaction between tectonic and sedimentary processes during lithospheric thinning in the alpine tethys margins. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 99 Supplement 1 :75–101, 2010b.

G. Mohn, G. Manatschal, E. Masini, and O. Müntener. Rift-related inheritance in orogens : a case study from the austroalpine nappes in central alps (se-switzerland, n-italy). International Journal of Earth Sciences, in press :1–25, 2011.

G.Mohn, G.Manatschal, M.Beltrando, E.Masini, and N. Kusznir. Necking of continental crust in magma-poor rifted margins: Evidence from the fossil alpine tethysmargins. Tectonics, 31 :1–28, 2012.


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