Emilie Klein


Study of the Marmara Sea segment of the North Anatolian fault using geodetic data.

PhD Thesis

Postseismic deformations following the Maule Earthquake (Chile, Mw8.8, February 2010) : GPS measurements and 3D viscoelastic finite elements models, under the supervision of Luce Fleitout and Christophe Vigny.

  • FEM using the software Zebulon-Zset (3D version, Onera)
  • GPS processing using GAMIT/GLOBK
  • Field work -GPS campaigns in Chile (re-measurements of existant networks; exploration and monumentation of new areas ; Postseismic interventions after the 2014 Iquique and the 2015 Illapel Earthquakes)




Seismogenic coupling in the Marmara Sea: What can we learn from onland Geodesy? Klein, E. Duputel, Z., Masson, F., Yavasoglu, H., Agram, P. Accepted for publication in GRL.


The seismic sequence of the 16 September 2015, Illapel Mw8.3 earthquake, Ruiz, S., Klein, E., del Campo, F., Rivera, E., Poli, P., Métois, M., Vigny, C., Baez, J.C., Vargars, G., Leyton, F., Madariago, R., Fleitout, L., Seismological Research Letter, May 2016, doi:10.1785/0220150281

3D displacement field of the 2015 Mw8.3 Illapel earthquake (Chile) from across- and along-tracj Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry
Grandin, R., Klein, E., Métois, M., Vigny C, Geoph. Res. Letters;  Geophys. Res. Lett., 43, doi:10.1002/2016GL067954

Afterslip and viscoelastic relaxation model inferred from the large scale postseismic deformation following the 2010 Mw 8.8 Maule earthquake (Chile)
, Klein, E., Fleitout, L., Vigny, C., and Garaud, JD.. Geophys. J. Int. 2016 205 (3): 1455-1472 doi: 10.1093/gji/ggw086
Supplements (processing and modelling details)

Supplements (data tables)



Last Communications:

  • AGU, San Franciso, December 2016:
    - Klein E.
    , Duputel, Z., Masson, F., Yavasoglu, H., Agram, P. Seismogenic coupling in the Marmara Sea: What can we learn from onland Geodesy? (poster)
    - Klein E., Vigny, C., Fleitout, L. Impact of visco-elastic relaxation following the 2010 Maule earthquake in Chile on adjacent segments of the subduction. (Oral)
  • EGU, Vienne, 18-22 Avril 2016:
    - Klein E., Masson F., Duputel Z., Yavasoglu H. Is the Marmara Sea segment of the North Anatolian Fault creeping or loading ? (Poster)
    - Klein E., Vigny C., Fleitout L. & Garaud J.D, Impact of the viscoelastic postseismic deformation following megathrust earthquakes on seismic hazard in subduction zones: the case of the Maule and Illapel earthquakes in Chile. (Oral)
  • EGU, Vienne, 14345, 27 Avril - 2 Mai 2014 : Klein E., O. Trubienko, C. Vigny, L. Fleitout, & J.D. Garaud , The mechanical properties of the deep portion of the subduction interface and of the mantle wedge revealed by postseismic motions after Tohoku and Maule earthquakes
  • Colloque G2, Strasbourg, 17-19 Novembre 2014 : Klein E., C. Vigny, M.Métois & L. Fleitout, Updated interseismic velocity solution in Central-North Chile (25°S-29°S) : Focus on the area of Taltal
  • Colloque WEGENER, Leeds, 1-4 Septembre 2014 : Klein E., C. Vigny, L. Fleitout & J.D. Garaud, Postseismic deformation associated with the Maule earthquake and the mechanical properties of the asthenosphere and subduction interface