Jean-Philippe Malet

Senior research scientist at EOST / IPGS (since 2007.09.01)

Active Deformation Group

In charge of the French Landslide Observatory (OMIV) - Observatoire des Instabilités de Versants

Scientific correspondent for the EquipEX Project Critex

Director of the European Centre on Seismological and Geomorphologial Hazards (CERG)

Research Interests

Landslide mechanics:

  1. Development of near-surface and remote monitoring techniques
  2. Laboratory-scale landslide experiments
  3. Physically-based modelling (hydrology, geomechanics)

Spatial and temporal modelling of slope dynamics:

  1. Spatial distribution of landslide and erosion-prone areas
  2. Landslide and erosion modelling using geostatistics and advanced GIS techniques
  3. Scale problems in slope modelling

Natural hazard and risk:

  1. Quantitative hazard and risk assessment methodologies
  2. Impact of climate and landcover change on the risk pattern



  • Geodesy: LiDAR, photogrammetry, image correlation, GPS, Fibre-Optics
  • Near-surface geotechnics
  • Advanced geostatistics and probabilistic modelling
  • Hydro-mechanical modelling (FEM, DEM)