EOST hosts two research units: the Institute of Physics of the Earth of Strasbourg IPGS and the Laboratory of hydrology and geochemistry of Strasbourg LHyGeS. EOST is also the leader of the «laboratory of excellence» G-eau-thermie profonde project aiming to initiate a new research center for deep geothermal energy. Improving the knowledge of deep geothermal reservoirs and developing techniques are the main goals for the exploitation of this sustainable resource.

Ph.D. students work within the doctoral school of Earth, Universe and Environmental Sciences, ED413, relying on a strong connection with the EOST research units.

Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg

Once dedicated to more general scientific topics, research at IPGS is currently focused on the comprehension of geological and geophysical phenomenon as well as applied sciences: environment, natural resources (energy, water) and hazards (seismic risks, landslides)

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Laboratoire d'HYdrologie et de GEochimie de Strasbourg

Since its beginning in 2009 by the gathering of 3 research teams, the LHyGeS is dedicated to the analysis and the understanding of hydrological and geochemical phenomenon in natural environments. This unit focuses on the construction of quantitative and predictive patterns, through an approach combining geosciences, environmental and engineering sciences.

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The laboratory of excellence G-EAU-THERMIE PROFONDE contributes to the development of the use of deep geothermal energy, a source of renewable energy, thanks to a better knowledge of deep geothermal reservoirs and new technologies for exploitation.

The project aims to develop knowledge in the geothermal field by bringing together academic skills and industrial expertise to study the structure of deep geothermal reservoirs of the Upper Rhine Graben.

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EOST is involved in Equipex («Equipment of Excellence») projects in geophysics (RESIF-CORE), in environmental sciences (Critex) and in gravimetry (Miga). Our Equipex projects aim to build tools at the forefront of scientific research.

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