Hubert Whitechurch


Professor, University of Strasbourg

Main Interests in Research

Oceanic accretion : oceanic ridges (Mid Atlantic Ridge, Indian Ocean Ridges), ophiolites (French Alps, California, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Oman) ;

Subduction (Lau Basin, California,Turkey, Iran) ;

Five recent papers

Shafaii Moghadam, H., Rahgoshay, M., Whitechurch, H., (2008). The Mesozoic back-arc extension in the active margin of Iranian continental block: constraints from age and the geochemistry of the mafic lavas. Ofioliti, 23(2), 95-103.

Omrani J., Agard P., Whitechurch H., Benoit M., Prouteau G., Jolivet L., (2008) Arc magmatism and subduction history beneath Zagros: New report of adakites and geodynamic consequences, Lithos 106 (3-4), 380–398.

Shafaii Moghadam H., Whitechurch H., Rahgoshay M., Monsef I. (2009). Significance of Nain-Baft ophiolitic belt (Iran): short-lived, transtensional Cretaceous back-arc oceanic basins over the Tethyan subduction zone.  Comptes Rendus Geosciences, 341, 12, 1016-1028.

Agard P., Omrani J., Jolivet L., Whitechurch H., Vrielynck B., Spakman W., Monié P., Meyer B., Wortel R. (2011). Zagros orogeny: a subduction-dominated process, Geological Magazine, 148, pp 692-725.

Whitechurch H., Omrani J., Agard P., HumbertH., Montigny R. L., JolivetL (in press). Evidence for a Paleocene-Eocene Back-Arc to Arc evolution at the foot of the Eurasian margin (Kermanshah ophiolite, SW Iran): implications for regional geodynamics and obduction. Lithos


77 papers

104 scientific communications in international meetings ;

One textbook for advanced students : « Plate Tectonic » (2000) - Gordon and Breach eds, 307p. ;

Chapters in Encyclopedia.


Numerous responsabilities in teaching and university organization

General manager in Metal Industry  (5 years)