Mustapha Meghraoui

Scientific contribution

1- Active tectonics and palaeoseismological study along the El Asnam thrust fault (associated with M 7.3 earthquake in 1980, Algeria) which is among the first analyses of thrust-related surface faulting and folding in the Mediterranean regions.

2- Pioneering works in the identification of active faults in intraplate Europe and the Rhine graben with development of palaeoseismic studies in regions with low-level of seismicity. In particular, combining the use of micro-topography, shallow geophysics and trenching in active faulting studies.

3 - Development of earthquake geology, palaeoseismic and archaeoseismic studies in different tectonic domains (North African Atlas, North Anatolian fault, East Anatolian fault and Dead Sea fault) and comparison between regions with slow active deformation and regions with fast seismic slip release.

4- Conceptual framework in the understanding of the long-term faulting behavior in earthquake-prone regions, coastal tectonics and seismic sources of tsunami. Studies of faults in regions with the potential for large or moderate earthquakes and related physical characteristics.

Main Scientific projects

a – SAFE : Partner of the European Project entitled: « Slow Active Faults in Europe.  Assessing fundamental Input for seismic risk in regions of low seismicity » (SAFE. Contract EVG1 2000-2005).  Collaboration with ETH Zurich to the identification of the active fault associated with the 1356 earthquake. Initiation February 2001.

b – PALEOSIS: Partner of the project funded by the Swiss Nuclear Agency and ETH Zurich on "Seismic sources and paleoseismology of main active faults in Switzerland" and on "The identification and characterization of the 1356 Basel earthquake source". October 2000.

c – RELIEF: Coordinator of the project Reliable Information on Earthquake Faulting, « Large Earthquake Faulting and Implications for the Seismic Hazard Assessment in Europe, The 1999 Izmit-Duzce Earthquake Sequence (Mw 7.3 - 7.1, Turkey) “, EC contract EVG1-2002-00069. Initiation December 2002.

d – APAME: Coordinator of the project entitled « Archeo-Paleoseismology for the protection of cultural sites in the Middle East », European Commission project INCO-MED, contract ICA3-CT2002-10024. Initiation March 2003.

e – Seismic Risk of the Algiers Region. Partner of the INSU (CNRS, France) project for the seismotectonics and active faulting of northern Algeria. Project related with the 21 May 2003 earthquake of Zemmouri-Algiers (Mw 6.8). Initiation in September 2003.

f – Tsunami in the Mediterranean area, Partner of the projet TRANSFER (Tsunami Risk ANd Strategies For the European Region, Contract no.: 037058; Paleotsunamis along the Algerian coastline: Analysis of their traces, return period and effect). Initiation in April 2006.

g - Archaeoseismicity and Palaeoseismicity of the Büyük Menderes Fault Zone,  
Financement TUBITAK (CNRS turc). Started in 2006, ended in 2008.

h - Late Quaternary Activity of the East Anatolian Fault Zone between Gölbası (Adıyaman) – Karataş-Adana. funded by TUBITAK (turkish CNRS). Started 01/08/2010 , end 01/04/2012.

Dernières publications