Hugo Larnier

PhD student in Geophysics (January 2014 - expected defense February 2017).

Title : Intégration de sondage magnétotelluriques et des données magnétiques d'observatoires: Acquisition, traitements, imagerie.

Research interest:

  • Detection and characterisation of geomagnetic sources using continuous wavelet transform (lightning-based sources, geomagnetic pulsations) in magnetotelluric time series.
  • Magnetotelluric data processing taking into account geomagnetic source information.
  • MT soundings interpretation using tensor decomposition and modeling.


  • 2015-2016: Electromagnetism (44H), Geomagnetism (20H).
  • 2014-2015: Field practice in magnetotellurics and gravimetry (30H), Electromagnetism (44H), Geomagnetism (24H).


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  • Larnier, H., Sailhac, P., Chambodut, A., 2016. Wavelet-based processing of AMT data using lightning source characteristics, EMIW 2016, Extended abstract.
  • Larnier, H., Sailhac, P., Chambodut, A., 2016, New application of wavelets in magnetotelluric data processing:
    Reducing impedance bias, Earth Planets Space,68(70)
  • Larnier, H., Sailhac, P., Chambodut, A., 2014. Induction of geomagnetic pulsations characterized by continuous wavelet transform, EMIW 2014, Extended abstract.
  • Langlais, B, Amit, H., Larnier, H., Thébault, E., Mocquet, A., 2014, A new model for the (geo)magnetic power spectrum, with application to planetary dynamo radii, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 401, pp. 347-358

AMT processing code (soon...)