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Liste des publications des 4 dernières années

Masson, F., Viville, D., Pierret, M.-C., Mouyen, M., Chabaux, F., 2012. Time-lapse microgravity study of the Strengbach catchment (Vosges mountains, France), CR Géosciences, 344, 357-365.

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A. Karakhanian, P. Vernant, E. Doerflinger, A. Avagyan; H. Philip; I. R. Aslanyan; C. Champollion; P. Collard; M. Peyret; V. Davtyan; E. Calais; F. Masson, 2013. GPS constraints on continental deformation in the Armenian region and Lesser Caucasus, Tectonophysics, 592, 39-45

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Mouyen, M.,  Simoes, M.,  Mouthereau, F.,  Masson, F.,  Hwang, C.,  Cheng, C.-C., 2014.  Investigating possible gravity change rates expected from long-term deep crustal processes in Taiwan, Geophys. J. Int., 198 (1), pp.187-197.

Schlögel, R., Doubre, C., Malet, J.-P., Masson, F. 2015. Landslide deformation monitoring with ALOS/PALSAR imagery: A D-InSAR geormorphological interpretation method, Geomorphology, 231: 314-330.

Masson, F., Hamiel, Y., Amotz, A., Klinger, Y., Deprez, A., 2015, Variable behavior of the Dead Sea Fault along the southern Arava segment from GPS measurements, CR Géosciences, in press.

Heimlich, C., Gourmelen, N., Masson, F., Schmittbuhl, J., Sang-Wan, K., 2015. Uplift around the geothermal power plant of Landau (Germany) as observed by InSAR monitoring, Geothermal Energy, 3 :2, DOI 10.1186/s40517-014-0024-y.