Labex G-eau-thermie profonde

The project


 The LABoratoire of EXcellence G-eau-thermie is a joint Industry / University project over the long-term (8 years starting in March 2012) included in the IDEX project of the University of Strasbourg. It has departmental funding of EUR 3,000,000.

Deep geothermal energy has been identified by the "Grenelle de l'Environnement" as an important axis for the development of sustainable energy in France.

The G-eau-thermie profonde laboratory of excellence contributes to the development of the use of this energy source through better knowledge of deep geothermal reservoirs and development of new technologies to exploit them.

Project scientific objectives

Four scientific objectives have been identified in relation to deep geothermal exploitation:

  • the exploration of deep reservoirs with the development of specific geophysical tools
  • the study of the natural behaviour of geothermal reservoirs
  • stimulation of reservoirs and their short-term response: improvement of resource use while managing the associated risks (e.g. induced seismicity)
  • modelling the long-term evolution of the reservoir (neo-precipitation, hydro-geological evolution, water quality, mechanical deformation of the reservoir, thermal performance) and development of remediation tools.

This project will enhance knowledge of the structure and operation of deep geothermal reservoirs in the Upper Rhine Graben, particularly the hydrothermal convective cells associated with geothermal anomalies.

Understanding the hydro-thermo-chemo-mechanical behaviour of deep underground aquifers (2-5 km) in a rift environment is indeed of great importance for the improvement of their geothermal exploitation.