BCMT Austral and Antarctic territories, Madagascar

Réseau BCMTDomain: Solid Earth - Magnetism

National Observation Service (Service National d'Observation - SNO): Bureau central de magnétisme terrestre (BCMT)

Lead SNO: Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

Nature of EOST's activities:

OuiSNO Leading

OuiManagement of Instruments, data collection and transmission

OuiData validation and backup

OuiData analysis and valorization

Sites/stations under EOST's management:

  • Amsterdam Island, Atation Martin de Vivès (AMS)
  • Crozet Archipelago, Possession Island, Atation Afred Faure - (CZT)
  • Kerguelen Islands, Atation Port-aux-Français - (PAF)
  • High Antarctic Plateau, Dome C, Station Concordia - (DMC)
  • Adélie Land, Station Dumont d'Urville - (DRV)
  • Madagascar, Antananarivo (TAN)

Member of:  International real-time magnetic observatory network : www.intermagnet.org

DirectorAude Chambodut


Champ magnétique terrestreThe 6 permanent magnetic observatories, operated by EOST, meet the INTERMAGNET (International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network) norms and standards. The Earth's magnetic field is continuously recorded with a sampling rate of 1s. Absolute measurements of magnetic field components are also performed regularly (every two days) throughout the year. Data processing and dissemination, with World Data Centers (WDC for Geomagnetism ) across the network INTERMAGNET, are done in near real time thanks to the recent acquisition system incorporating daily expeditions protocols.

Continuity, quality, stability and consistency of these observations are of primary importance for continuous use by the entire scientific community. These observatories are located in remote and isolated places which necessarily leads to the development and use of appropriate logistical and technological methods.