Museum of mineralogy

Rubis de Sri Lanka (Ceylan)Since 1890, the Museum of mineralogy of the University of Strasbourg is located in a building of the former Imperial University erected by William II. Today it displays 30.000 minerals from all over the world as well as several thousands of objects such as scientific instruments and pedagogical material. The origin of the collection goes back to the time of the major discoveries in the field of mineralogy and crystallography in the 19th century. The historical collection is a reference in France and unique in its wealth which does not compare to any other French university.

The Museum also exhibits 450 specimens of meteorites, especially a fragment of the oldest meteorite in Europe which hit the ground around 1400.

Météorite d’Orbey, Haut-Rhin, Alsace, identifiée en 2005 au Musée de minéralogie de Strasbourg.