The EOST offers various training paths based on the path Bachelor, Master and Doctorate (BMD):

  • Bachelors "Earth Sciences" option (Formerly "Earth, Universe and Environment Sciences, STUE)
  • Joint Honours Degree options "Earth Sciences" and "Physics"  (Formerly "Engineering Physics and Sciences" and "Earth, Universe and Environment Sciences", PSI-STUE)
  • Master option "Earth and Environment Sciences"
     2 specialties
    in this master:
    - ST - "Earth Sciences: Geophysics, Geology and Dynamics of Land Systems "
     - ISIE - "Engineering and Geosciences for the Environment" (co-empowerment ENGEES)
  • Doctoral theses prepared within EOST research teams within the Doctoral School "Earth Science and Environment" in Strasbourg.

Moreover, EOST has established European agreements (Erasmus / Socrates) with several universities offering students the opportunity to achieve part of their curriculum abroad.

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