Various professional fields

Graduates find employment in the fields of energy, raw materials research, hydrogeology, the environment, astrophysics, whether in companies or in public organisations:

  • Oil companies, mining companies, service companies and geoscience engineering offices (civil engineering, environmental, water resources, etc.), environmental services of groups like EDF, Veolia, etc.
  • Universities, CNRS, Geological and Mining Research  Agencies, Institute of Research for Development, local authorities.

Business areas:

  • Energy: subterranean prospecting: water (geothermal), gas, oil, etc. / Exploration and exploitation of energy resources / reservoir management
  • Mineral resources: prospecting for mining / exploitation and processing of ores (quarries), rocks and aggregates / research and exploitation of uranium
  • Environment: Prevention of natural hazards (floods, landslides, slope erosion, etc.) / study, storage, management and treatment of waste/ prevention and treatment of soil pollution
  • Astrophysics / Space: Stellar astrophysics / study of galaxies / study of the planets of the solar system
     design, operation of BDD and specialised software / popularisation of astronomy and astrophysics: planetarium
  • Hydrology - Water: Studies of Hydraulic systems / Studies and Research of groundwater / protection, management and development of water resources / water quality analysis / wastewater treatment
  • Geotechnical: Geological recognition / Civil Engineering / Mechanics of soil and rocks

Education - Research: Primary and secondary education / higher education / basic and applied research (public research organisations, universities, companies.