Earth Sciences Master : Geophysics, geology and Earth system dynamics


This specialty entitled "Earth Sciences: geophysics, geology and earth system dynamics" is for students wishing to prepare a thesis or take up a professional post in enterprises in the sectors of energy, resources, environment and geological risks.

The EOST Earth Sciences Masters is based on the very dynamic research potential of the Earth Physics Institute in Strasbourg in geology and geophysics. This research is internationally recognized in the academic world and by many companies (oil, mining and geothermal exploitation companies) with which geologists and geophysicists of the IPGS have very close relations. They include Total, Exxon, Areva, Schlumberger, CGG, BRGM, Electricité de Strasbourg, etc.

The ultimate goal is to train people who could enter a doctoral cycle, and in the fields of basic research like those of upstream research of applications in corporate energy and mining sectors.


Teaching helps develop the ability to work on multidisciplinary projects in geosciences and to approach the study of natural systems characterised by high complexity and by varied space and time scales.

The Earth Sciences Masters attaches great importance to theoretical training and field training, always in connection with research in geology and geophysics carried out by the teams of the IPGS

Teaching brings extensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Tectonics of sedimentary basins
  • Sedimentology
  • Deep tectonics (rheology, petrology, geochemistry)
  • Fundamental geophysics

Geophysics applied to the modelling of geological processes

The Masters, every half year, includes teaching units belonging to a common core curriculum and a selection of unitsallowing each student to create their own path based on initial training and their professional project. The Master is obtained after validation of three half years of study and one half year of laboratory research internship.

International Masters

The International Masters SRE-MGH (Subterranean Reservoirs of Energy: Hydrodynamics, Geophysics, Modelling), offered in collaboration with the University of Lorraine, is designed for foreign students from countries producing underground energy. It is the only English-language Master in reservoir engineering and geophysics in France.