Skills and opportunities

The Earth Sciences Bachelors provides the students with a solid foundation with an approach to natural phenomena that is both quantitative and naturalistic.

It leads to careers in the sectors of geophysics, astrophysics, geology, geochemistry and environmental sciences.

 > Course focused on geophysics and geology (STU) : qualitative and quantitative description of the geological and geophysical objects and processes they will face, be able to propose a methodology for multidisciplinary study of these objects and processes (top-up on geology-geophysics).

 > Course focused on environmental sciences (STE) : Propose an analysis of a geochemical system from the sample to the watershed, 

assessing natural hazards and suggest preventive solutions, modelling concepts of river systems.

At the end of third year students are able :

  • to identify the main geophysical characteristics of simple objects.
  • to read a geological map, interpret a landscape and make the link between geological map/landscape.
  • to identify a rock and geological structure on macroscopic and microscopic criteria.
  • to identify the main geochemical characteristics of simple objects.
  • to analyse the conditions of runoff in a surface geological formation.
  • to perform all kinds of geophysical measurements in the field and select the most appropriate to the context.
  • to use IT tools and appropriate mathematics to solve a Geosciences problem.

Skills depend on the path chosen, hence the importance for students to define their professional project, with the support of teachers.

Further Studies

The Earth Sciences Bachelors course opens onto various specialisations: Geoscience Masters (admission on application file):

They lead to a doctorate in the chosen field or insertion in the professional world, whether public or private.

At the end of L2 or L3, students have the opportunity to integrate the 'EOST Geophysical School of Engineering': 8 places are open each year to students taking the university course (admission on application).


Geoscience professions: bachelor graduates can access technician and senior technician, and scientific facilitator positions.

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