Earth Sciences Bachelor

How was the Earth formed ?
Where does drinking water come from ?
What causes earthquakes ?
What energies can we have in the future ?
How do landslides occur ?

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The EOST Earth Sciences Bachelors addresses these issues and many others. It is for students wishing to access one of the many professions involving geosciences.

Geosciences allow us to study and understand the planet: perceiving the Earth from within (its functioning and evolution), understanding the universe around us, analysing past and current geological phenomena for improved action and prevention, knowing natural resources to better use and preserve them.

Geosciences careers incorporate both field missions and operations and data interpretation. Training in the Earth Sciences bachelors reflects this variety: it alternates lectures, field observations and measurements and tutorials.

The curriculum, common in 1st and 2nd year, divides into two paths in the 3rd year : Earth and the Universe Sciences (STU) and Earth and the Environment Sciences (ETS). It is mainly during the first two years that we build the foundation of scholarly knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science. Students also address the basic disciplines of Earth and the Universe Sciences and reinforce their knowledge of English. After these first two years, each student decides which path to follow (ETS or STU) based on their personal project.

Further education can be achieved by Masters or in an engineering school, including EOST.

The size of student intake promotes interaction with teachers. Students also benefit from the friendly support of sponsors through the student association Terra Nostra.