Business organization and Strategy

Business organization and Strategy

Instructor : Coefficient Crédits ECTS Hours Module
C. GUITTARD 1 2   required

Course description :

This is an introduction to the basics of strategic management and a reminder of what is a company (in its old and new organizational forms). The organization of the firm and its strategy are indeed related aspects and evolving in parallel.

The basic management models were developed in the post-war United States (Harvard Business School models), enriched in the 70s by the synthetic approaches of the major consultants (McKinsey BCG) and from 80 by the contributions of the industrial economy, especially under the leadership of Michael Porter.

The corporate governance contemporary problems typically link strategic issues and the organizational dimensions, introducing the concepts of control and incentive. They are both dependent on global developments (related to the increased weight of finance in the economy) and national traditions that endure.