Signal Processing

Objectif :

The numerical processing of geophysical observations is essencial  in order to interpret the data quantitavly. This prossecing must improve the signal/noise ration, and on the other hand it must allow to get the physical quantities which are not contained implicitly in the raw data.

Course description :

- Fourier Transform and Convolution of discrete functions ; synthetic seismic trace
-  Numerical filter and contruction of band-pass filters (in frequency and time domain) and recursif filters (IIR and FIR filters).
-  Inverse filter, deconvolution or Wiener filter (inverse filter by least square method) and applications.
-  Frequency analysis of transitional signals by Fourier method, analytical signal, seismic attributs and Hilbert Transform.
-  Time-frequency analysis and wavelette Transform of time series.

Exercises :

Fourier Transform and Convolution; Convolutional model of seismic trace; Sampling of functions and Z Transform; Band-pass and recursif filtres ; Processing of Vibro-Seismic;  de Wiener and  predictif Filters ; Hilbert Transform and sieismic attributs ;  Time-frequencey analysis.