Seismology : earth models


Seismic waves generated by large eartquakes propagate through the whole Earth. The lectures describe the classical theory of seismic wave propagation in isotropic elastic media for plane and spherical structures. The question of anelastic attenuation of the wave is also presented.
In a second part, the process by which an image of the internal structure of the Earth has been obtained is described, from the upper crust to the inner core at the centre of the liquid core.


Body waves

  • Ray theory
  • Travel times in a spherical structure
  • Reflection-refraction on a plane interface
  • Anelasticity and quality factor

Inferring the global Earth structure from body waves

  • Teleseismic body waves
  • Travel time inversion and Earth models
  • Density variation within the Earth
  • Body wave tomography

Surface waves

  • Rayleigh waves in a homogeneous half space
  • Love waves in plane one-layer media
  • Surface-wave dispersion
  • Surface-wave tomography