Seismic modelling

Presentation of the theory of seismic waves, programming and advanced algorithms.

Courses :

  • The dependence of the seismic velocities on the direction of propagation in an anisotropic elastic medium. Transverse isotropy. Thomsen's parameters. Propagation in an elastic medium with a set of parallel cracks.
  • Ray tracing in isotropic and anisotropic medias.
  • Vibroseismics: The sweep signal, autocorrelation of the sweep, Fourier spectrum of the sweep.
  • The attenuation of waves as a function of frequency.
  • The wave field of a force source and the radiation characteristics.

Simple problems are solved by writing Bash shell scripts.The Fortran programming language is used for the more difficult problems.

See the web page of the module.

The course is presented in english language.