Seismic Imaging

Course description

Theory and algorithms of seismic imaging using reflected waves

  • Acquisition geometry, processing coordinates, reflection enhancement by stacking, transformation from shot point gathers to seismic sections, relation between geological structure - seismic section and wavefield
  • Decomposing the reflected wavefield in diffractions, Kirchhoff migration
  • Decomposing the wavefield in plane waves, migration in frequency-wavenumber domain
  • Preserving dips in zero offset transformation, dip-move out
  • Vertical and lateral velocity variations, time and depth migration
  • Paraxial wave equations, finite difference migrations
  • Introduction to prestack migration


Programming (Matlab) and using different seismic imaging methods : NMO, velocity analysis, 2D Fourier transform, F-K filtering, tau-p filtering, Kirchhoff, Stolt, phase-shift, finite difference modeling and migration, head wave migration.

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