Objectives : fundamentals in geomagnetism : measurement, analysis and modeling of the internal geomagnetic field, secular variation, description of external fields (ionospheric, magnetospheric).

Course content :

Part I : Introduction

  • various uses of geomagnetism: scientific studies and industrial applications.
  • presentation of the magnetic field variations and their sources.
  • definition of field elements and associated remarkable geographical locations.
  • the main sources of data: observatories, repeat stations, aeromagnetic and oceanographic surveys, satellites.

Part II : Fields of internal origin

  • main field : description, modeling at the Earth's and Core'surface, temporal variations, dynamo process
  • crustal Field : description, modeling at global and regional scale, characteristics

Part III : Fields of external origin

  • ionospheric Field
  • magnetospheric Field

Content of TD / TP :

  • visit the Museum of geomagnetism
  • analysis of declination charts
  • study of spherical harmonics; liaison with the field of a multipole
  • spherical harmonic analysis, modelling with the help of various models : IGRF field, dipolar field, non-dipole field, changes over time
  • spectrum spatial field
  • study of the solar regular variation
  • morphological analysis of magnetograms