Space Geodesy

This course is an introduction to Space Geodesy (GPS and radar interferometry) and Geographic and Information Systems.

For the GPS part, a first section of the course is devoted to the presentation of the different coordinate systems and projections (geocentric, Cartesian, ellipsoidal and geodetic coordinates). Then local and global geodetic systems will be introduced as well as the transformation between them.

Finally, the geodetic techniques and precise positioning instruments are presented, with a special attention to the GPS system, the GPS observations and all the phenomena affecting GPS measurements. All methods of GPS positioning are presented (differential GPS, real-time positioning, etc.).

The Radar Imagery and InSAR part of the course introduces the techniques of radar image acquisition, the specificity of SAR remote sensing, the principles of interferometry, and the interpretation of the interferograms.

Examples of ground displacements due to landslides, urban subsidence and large earthquakes are studied as exercise.

In the last part of the course, Geographic and Information Systems are introduced, showing some of the large possibilities offered with this kind of large database.