Seismic waves

Seismic waves

Course description :

Thoretical bases of seismic waves propagation in geophysics

Course outline :
- Wavefronts and traveltimes in 3D homogeneous media
- Reflection and refraction of plane and spherical wavefronts on a plane interface, total reflection, head wave
- Wavefront propagation in inhomogeneous media, ray theory and eikonal equation
- Traveltimes in inhomogeneous media : shadow zone, triplication
- Acoustic and elastic wave equations, P et S waves, near and far field
- Reflection and transmission coefficients for plane harmonic waves incident on a plane interface between two elastic isotropic half-spaces, evanescent waves
- Constructive and destructive interferences in a layer
- Waves guided by the free surface (Rayleigh) aond within a layer (Love), dispersion, group velocity
- Attenuation and quality factor
- Plane waves in stratified media
- Propagation in a transversely isotropic anisotropic homogeneous medium

Exercises :

- Applications using the equations derived in class and introduction to experimental measurement methofs in geophysics.

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