Proposition de post-doctorat à l'EOST

24 mars 2016

L'EOST propose dans le cadre des projets IDEX un contrat post-doctoral sur le thème : "New filtering strategies to enhance Magnetic Resonance Sounding applications."

Le poste est à pourvoir à compter du 1er juin 2016 pour une durée de 18 mois. Il est rattaché à l'Institut de Physique du Globe.

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Résumé du contrat :

"Performing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of the protons in the geomagnetic Earth field (called SNMR or MRS) allows detecting liquid water content in the ground, and characterizing the geological materials through decay times linked to pores sizes and magnetic heterogeneities. It makes it a powerful tool for hydrogeological purposes and in‐situ investigation of the shallow subsurface down to almost 100m.
After 30 years of development, the technology is mature and applications can be found in many natural environments: from sedimentary aquifer to weathered bedrock, coastal aquifer to permafrost and glacier...
Today’s main limitation for a broader use of the technics is clearly the weak signal to noise ratio (SNR). Despite many improvements and strategies, it is often difficult to perform SNMR in peri‐urban context, or in low porosity rocks – where hydrogeophysics is the more needed.
The candidate, with skills in signal processing, inversion, electromagnetism (EM), will propose, implement and test in‐situ EM noise removal approaches at the field scale, mainly in France."